Important Announcement for Parents and Guardians of PSR Students

To parents and guardians of PSR students:

During these days when we are not permitted to gather for Mass, liturgies and any group meetings, including PSR, the Pflaum Company reminded us that there are many resources to our parish which are available online.  Hopefully, you will continue to work with your children through the materials we will not be able to cover while our sessions are suspended. 

Through our parish subscription to Pflaum Publishing, every parishioners can access the PSR materials we use and utilize them at home.  You will need to sign up as a user through our Holy Spirit customer number: 1123278.  There you can create a unique username and password for yourself.

This service is available to you not just during the coronavirus crisis, but all the time.  The pdf file accompanying this message gives detailed instructions regarding gaining access to the materials.  If you have any trouble, please call the office and we will assist you.

Registration-Guide (PDF)