HOLY SPIRIT CHOIRThe Holy Spirit Choir currently has some 40 members and sings at the 10:15am Sunday liturgy, at special celebrations during the Church year and in a concert each spring.  Additionally, the choir also sings to support those in area hospitals and nursing homes and in concerts with other church choirs in our community. They sing in a variety of musical styles: traditional music of the Church, historical African-American and contemporary Christian. Rehearsals are held in church every Wednesday evening beginning at 7:00pm. Additional sectional rehearsals are added during the year as required for special events.

One need not be a professional musician or be able to read printed music to be a member of the choir. However, acknowledging that every person is gifted by the Holy Spirit in diverse and wonderful ways, anyone seeking to engage in the Music Ministry must be blest with a basic musical “ear” so to be able to sing on key and clearly match pitches. All who love to sing and praise the Lord in song are invited to speak personally with Music Minister David Williams to discern a call to ministry in the choir.