Our Mission Statement

We come together as a diverse and welcoming community to glorify, praise and give thanks to God through Jesus Christ. Inspired by God's Word and the Eucharist, we go forth to serve the needs of our parish and the extended community.

We are called through the Holy Spirit to spread the Gospel message and reach out to the poor and oppressed. We are commited to know, understand and love each other as member of Christ's body.

Important Announcements

First Communion
Congratulations to these youngsters of our parish who received the Eucharist with us for the first time on Mother’s Day:

The combined confirmation groups (from 2020 and 2021) are in the final weeks of their preparation to celebrate this sacrament. Please hold them in your prayers and your hearts during this time. Confirmation is scheduled to take place during the 10:30 Mass on Sunday, June 20th with Bishop Roger Gries presiding.

PSR Class
The next PSR class is Saturday, June 12th, 2021.

The teachers at each level will provide the link to the virtual classroom. If you do not receive it during the week prior to class, please contact one of your child's teachers.