Our Mission Statement

We come together as a diverse and welcoming community to glorify, praise and give thanks to God through Jesus Christ. Inspired by God's Word and the Eucharist, we go forth to serve the needs of our parish and the extended community.

We are called through the Holy Spirit to spread the Gospel message and reach out to the poor and oppressed. We are commited to know, understand and love each other as member of Christ's body.

Important Announcements

Church Plaza Renovations

The surface of the plaza is badly damaged because it was never designed with the intention that the area would hold the weight of a vehicle. Further, the wheelchair ramp does not comply with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA).

Renovating the area so that it can hold the weight of vehicles for handicapped-accessible parking and for other service vehicles (e.g. ambulance, hearse, and the like) can be cost-effective only by limiting the amount of space dedicated to such vehicles.

By employing a one-way circle for pick-up, drop-off and short-term parking for funeral and wedding limousines, we are able to make the ramp ADA compliant and create space for three vehicles with handicap placards according to government guidelines. Remaining space can be given to trees, lawn, flower gardens and the like to beautify the front entrance to our church.

The first drawing, below, depicts ordinary non-permeable concrete. The second drawing shows pavers that are of a permeable material that will allow water to seep directly into the ground instead of running off into the city's sewer system.

More information is available on the following form, which also provides an opportunity for you to offer your comments and questions:

Forms Page

For A Synodal Church
Communion. Participation. Mission.

The current phase of the synodal process culminates with what is called the Diocesan Pre-synodal Gathering. This gathering provides the opportunity for diverse members of the diocese to come together for a liturgical celebration, to pray together, to reflect on their experience of the synodal process, to listen to feedback that has emerged from the listening sessions across the diocese, to dialogue about the current reality of the local church and the signs of the times, and to discern the Holy Spirit’s call for northeast Ohio on the path of synodality. The Diocesan Pre-synodal Gathering takes place on Saturday, June 11th at the Cleveland Public Auditorium.

Every parish has been asked to name five delegates to participate in that gathering. In addition to our parish’s facilitators of the process, the pastoral council named three other delegates. So, our five representatives to the June 11th event are:

Margarete Smith
Rosalind Whatley
Tyric Green
Charlotte Brown
Erin Whatley

The objective of the Diocesan Pre-synodal Gathering is to bring together a representative cross-section of the whole diocese, and to enable participants to pray, listen, reflect, and discern together. After this gathering, the outcomes will be included as part of the diocesan synthesis, together with the feedback that emerged from the listening sessions across the diocese.

Our parish’s synodal report is available at this link.

Watchful Wednesdays

Watchful Wednesday is taking a summer break with the end of the PSR year and will return in the Fall. Please watch this space.