Our Mission Statement

We come together as a diverse and welcoming community to glorify, praise and give thanks to God through Jesus Christ. Inspired by God's Word and the Eucharist, we go forth to serve the needs of our parish and the extended community.

We are called through the Holy Spirit to spread the Gospel message and reach out to the poor and oppressed. We are commited to know, understand and love each other as member of Christ's body.


Preaching to the Choir

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,   When the bus arrived in Philadelphia last week at the start of our pilgrimage, we were greeted with a downpour that would have frightened Noah! And as luck would have it, our first stop at Independence Hall required us to stand outside in the pouring rain and wait […]

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“Praise Concert” Benefit on Sunday, November 2nd at 4:00 pm

For the benefit of St. Joseph Hospital, Boma, Democratic Republic of the Congo, under the guidance of Fr. Joseph Kraker. The concert will feature the Holy Spirit Choir, Canticum Novum Renaissance Choir of St. Vincent Church, Akron and the New Spirit Contemporary Ensemble of the United Methodist Church of Kent. The concert will be held […]

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The Capuchin Friars Thank You for Your Prayers

Our brother, Fr. Bill Wiethorn, OFM Cap, Rector of St. Paul Shrine and the Bishop’s Delegate to those living in religious communities in the Cleveland Diocese died Wednesday morning, just hours after he had arrived in Pittsburgh and entered into hospice care. God blest Bill with a mercifully short illness and the opportunity to be […]

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New Parish Logo

The new logo, crafted with images reflective of the parish by web designer Victor Howe, is found at the top left corner of the home page. Set in a circle rather than on the customary crest, the central images on the logo are  surrounded by patterns of Kente cloth found here at Holy Spirit Church. Modern forms […]

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